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LiquidEOS will be based in Israel, a leading hub for BLOCKCHAIN innovation.


Deep local developer talent pool and abundance of blockchain startup creation.

Graduates of top technical universities and elite intelligence units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are flocking to the blockchain industry.



Bancor is catalyzing Israel’s thriving blockchain ecosystem through:

Direct financial support and advisory roles in numerous local blockchain projects.

Hosting and speaking at developer meetups and local EOS community events.



Elite Intelligence Background:

Members of Bancor’s technical team hail from the top cybersecurity companies and elite intelligence units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) such as 8200.



Military-Grade Protection:

Servers are located in the most secure subterranean facilities in Israel — which is itself a global leader in security technology and critical contingency planning.



Worldwide Leader in Green Energy:

As a worldwide leader in solar power and sustainability, Israel is an ideal place to create an environmentally-friendly data center for the LiquidEOS project. We pledge to make the LiquidEOS data center a shining example of sustainable crypto infrastructure.