Our Manifesto


A Pledge to Serve the Heart of the Blockchain.

We take the privilege conferred to Block Producers (BPs) very seriously and recognize that a BP’s power originates from the token holders who delegate that power. We pledge to use the influence and rewards from block production to strengthen both the EOS infrastructure and community.



Increase EOS network performance and blockchain security, while improving access to developer and
end-user technologies built on EOS.

  • Utilize world-class VHDL developers to build and support the creation of open-source hardware acceleration for EOS. This includes public code for accelerating low-level virtual machine (LLVM), hashing math and eventually an EOS processor, to increase bandwidth and transactions per second on EOS.
  • Advance open-source development efforts in custom Kernel and LLVM optimizations.
  • Facilitate the efficient cross-chain flow of tokens between EOS, Ethereum and any blockchain where dApp creators are building.


ACCELERATE the adoption and usability of EOS dApps.

  • Make token creation and conversion an efficient, automated, low cost service on EOS, so value can flow more freely through decentralized networks.
  • Reduce vulnerabilities to trader manipulation & market instability.


Distribute EOS inflation rewards to help communities everywhere create and share value.

  • Incubate teams and provide grants to projects that advance the EOS blockchain as well as developers building open-source software on the network.

  • Sponsor and advise social impact-driven innovations such as local currency creation projects, basic income tokens, tokenized public services, etc. Current pilot projects include:




Community Benefit Project

Liquid EOS

LiquidEOS creates liquidity across EOS token communities through value transfer that is fair, automated and user-friendly.

  • Decentralized & Fair: Buy and sell tokens with no user deposits, no central servers storing your money & no need to match buyers and sellers.

  • Secure & Scalable: Bringing trustless conversion to the EOS blockchain based on automated market makers, powered by auditable smart contracts.

  • Autonomous: Make any EOS token instantly convertible for 80+ cryptocurrencies directly through its smart contract. Remove dependencies on high-volume trading for token liquidity.

  • Open-Source: Embeddable in any website, wallet or browser.



bancor_eos_cpp.png previously integrated Bancor's Smart Token Standard on the EOS network