Announcing Bancor Protocol as an EOS Block Producer Candidate


Why Bancor?

Protocol chemistry

The team (creators of EOS) integrated the Bancor Protocol as one of the first dApp prototypes on EOS. Today, the EOS System Contract uses the Bancor algorithm in its RAM Allocation Model

Cross-chain liquidity

Bancor is creating a bridge for its network of 80+ ERC20 tokens to EOS, forming the world’s largest cross-chain liquidity network.


Deep blockchain experience

Bancor is the largest decentralized solution for token conversions on the Ethereum Network. In addition, we collectively advise more than 30 blockchain projects globally.

Market transparency

A core feature of the Bancor Protocol is its ability to combat trader manipulation, reduce instability and instill user confidence in token markets. Bancor will bring these same benefits to the EOS blockchain.


Bancor lowers the technical barrier to currency creation and gives dApps a mechanism to endow their tokens with automated convertibility to any currency. This will increase the adoption and usability of EOS-based projects.

Social Impact

From community currency pilots in Kenya to universal basic income tokens, Bancor is committed to empowering socially-driven projects through economic innovation on the blockchain, with multiple initiatives already underway.



eos pairings.png
We see the Bancor Protocol as an elegant solution for liquidity that benefits all token holders by offering a completely new paradigm for value exchange.
— Dan Larimer, cto of


Dan Larimer ( CTO)
Eyal Hertzog (Bancor Product Architect)